2020   Office Space- 'Yawn' Virtual Exhibition isthisitisthisit.com

2019   Millennialism- 'Hello My Name Is...' Scaffold Gallery, Paradise Works                Studios

2018   There’s No Such Thing As Boredom- ‘Alonetime’  Scaffold Gallery                      Paradise works studios

2016   ‘It isn’t is it?’- ‘Sketch Show’ Curated by Helena Kate Whittingham,                     isthisitisthisit.com

2016   Solo Show/ Claire Tomas: Patrick Interventions, Leeds, Patrick Studios/

           East Street Arts

2016   Four Words ‘You’ve said too much’ Curated by Alan Dunn, Kirkgate                  Market. 


2016   Leap ‘Smile it’s Monday’ Leeds Beckett University Degree Show.

2016   Wellness and Motivation Centre, Leeds, ‘Demotivated Minds’.

2016   Exaggerated Ideals ‘Smile’ Curated by Cressida Barrett and Amy                      Dunwoody, LS6.

2016   Big Screen, ‘Lipstick Edit’Curated by Alan Dunn Millennium                                Square, Leeds.

2016   IAM Collective, ‘Lipstick’ Curated by Hayley Lennon and Eve Miller,                  Headrow house, Leeds.

2016   Performing Gender IWD, ‘Karoake’ Curated by Harold Offeh, Leeds                  Library Project Space.

2015    Flash Show ‘Property Sales’ Leeds Beckett University, Leeds Art                       Gallery.

2015   Throw up exhibition ‘Ice cream’ Curated by ‘Carrot Boy’ Sunny Bank                  Mills.

2015   Kissing me, kissing you’ Phone box performances, Leeds, Liverpool.

2015   Jelly ‘Sausage Seed Co.’ Curated by Helena Kate Whittingham,                        Temporary Space (ESA), Leeds.