Lilli Mathod is an all round new media creative with a passion for performance and video making. 

Since receiving her bachelor of arts degree in Fine Art from Leeds, she has been exploring various avenues of film; from working as an actress to producing and creating her own art films and web series.

Lilli writes, films, edits, performs, designs and collaborates.

Mathod's diverse art practice consists of embedding herself within familiar environments, whilst exploring themes surrounding connection, identity and the effects on the human psyche. Depicting alternate worlds of make believe, that reflect upon realities within our current climate. Mathod has a strong visual focus that she experiments with by means of light, costume, colour and frame, creating dynamic imagery with suggestive circumstance. Her video work sits comfortably within a humorous setting, as Mathod aims to poke fun at herself and the characters that live in these fictitious worlds.